Heroic Afghan Translator Waiting Years for US Visa

Nigeria: UK Visa – House Seeks Review of Immigration Laws, Bilateral Agreements

Marine Cpl. Dakota Meyer, the first living Marine to receive the honor since the Vietnam War, fears for his friend, who remains in Afghanistan and is under daily threats from the Taliban while the State Department has his application on hold, reports The Washington Free Beacon . He stood next to me, by my side pretty much the entire time [during the Battle of Ganjgal], Meyer, 25, told the Free Beacon. “He helped me carry my guys out. If we cant help get this guy back who sacrificed so much to bring these Americans home, Im sure hell be killed.” Editor’s Note: Weird Trick Adds $1,000 to Your Social Security Checks The translator, called by the pseudonym Hafez to protect his identity, applied for a visa more than three years ago. His application was signed by Gen. Joseph Dunford, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and green-lighted by the U.S.
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Elendu-Ukeje observed that apart from being discriminatory, the policy was a political and economic tool which the UK wants to use to safeguard British jobs in the face of the economic recession in Europe. In an interview with journalists at the weekend, Elendu- Ukeje said Nigeria must be proactive in continue its response to the policy. Nigeria, she said, might have to review its immigration laws to also streamline the influx of foreigners into the country and ensure that it pursued economic policies that did not only create employment but safeguarded the jobs for Nigerians. She also charged the federal government to take a second look at its policy on Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs) to ensure that Nigeria was not shortchanged in the various deals. “Our position has been that it is discriminatory and targeted at non-white Commonwealth states. We also feel that with our long term relationship with Britain, we should not have been singled out for such treatment. Now, the UK has decided to go on with the policy. “Our last discussion with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this matter was to ask the minister to come up with a proactive measures in the event that it was actually activated.
All of original article here: Nigeria: UK Visa – House Seeks Review of Immigration Laws, Bilateral Agreements

Spain Prime Minister: “No EU Visa for Colombians”

Spain Prime Minister: “No EU Visa for Colombians”

In a phone conversation with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos , Mr Rajoy expressed his wish to see Colombia join the group of Latin American contries that have free trade agreements and do not need visas. Colombias free trade agreement with the European Union came into effect on Thursday August 1. MORE: Colombias free trade pact with EU comes into force According to El Tiempo Mr Rajoy noted the progress that Colombia has made, citing both the peace talks with leftist guerilla group FARC and its commitment to fighting drug traffickers. In a move that also includes dropping the EU visa requirement for Peruvians, Mr Rajoy said that Colombians and Peruvians should be able to receive all the benefits of legal and trade liberalization. Colombia and Peru will equate well to its partners in the Pacific Alliance, Mexico, Chile and most recently, Costa Rica, which also have agreements with the European Union do not require short-term visas. The Colombian head of state described the announcement as a great birthday gift for Colombia and continued to say that we have achieved that which nine other countries have the removal of the visa. Colombians have every right to be proud of being Colombian anywhere in the world without a visa.
All of original article here: Spain Prime Minister: “No EU Visa for Colombians”


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